Online Learning

Fully Online Learning to Begin Fall 2021!

Starting in Fall 2021, all courses offered in the M.Ed. Science & Mathematics program will be either fully online, or taught in a hybrid online/in-person format.  Depending on the course, online courses will either be fully online involving a combination of synchronous and asynchronous (self-paced) learning.  However, because our science and math courses model hands-on, inquiry and field-based instructional methods, some of our courses are offered as “hybrid” courses.  These courses will be a combination of online learning, with in-person labs, field trips or other activities.  Students who live within commuting distance from the CofC will be able to attend in-person, while students who live farther away will have the option of attending the courses remotely over a meeting platform like Zoom, or labs/field activities will meet in a prescribed location on 1-2 weekends during the term.  In other cases, students who live farther away will be able to participate in labs from home using material kits sent to the student.  So, regardless of where you live in the state, you will be able to participate fully in all of our courses. 

All of the courses that involve in-person or synchronous online class meetings are offered in the evenings (after 5 pm) during the Fall and Spring semesters.  We also offer 2-3 courses in the summer, most of which are fully online.   Meeting times for summer courses vary, and are course specific, but we always try to offer them so they do not interfere with jobs or summer teaching (for school teachers).