Capstone Projects

Capstone Experience Options

Students have four basic options for completing Category C requirements. All of these options include SMFT 690, Capstone Project Development. A written capstone proposal from SMFT 690 is necessary. Students must complete a project associated with at least one course. The advisor and Steering Committee must approve the project proposal prior to taking the content course, and the student must make a final presentation of the project. The student must make a presentation of the completed project at a professional meeting, teacher workshop and/or session of capstone presentations attended by Steering Committee members and other interested parties. Students can:

  • Take the three-hour course EDFS 703 Curriculum, Policy, and Systems in Science and Mathematics Education. Use this course and its ideas to implement or study the impact of policy or curriuculum integration. Students must evaluate the impact on learning.

  • Take an extra course from either Category B1 (Fundamental Science and Mathematics Curriculum) or B2 (Integrated Science Courses), or an appropriate course not in the program, AND do a suitable project in addition to the required coursework. Typical projects include using and integrating content and pedagogical ideas from the B1 or B2 courses into another situation or context and then evaluating the impact on learning.

  • Do an independent study project in science, mathematics, or science or mathematics education. This, too, requires discussion with the advisor, consent from the individual(s) supervising the project, and approval of a written proposal. Students must evaluate the impact on learning.